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                                  Bel Thorne, Hedge Witch


In the 21st century, technology has come farther than most would have expected. The Internet is a worldwide phenomenon, cell phones are omnipresent, and the art of warfare has advanced beyond anything conceivable just a short while ago. And yet people continue to believe in magic and monsters.
      Many choose to believe that there is more to this world than simple physics…and they are right. Magic does exist, it does work, and it is real—but for all those who want to believe, only a very few have the true Gift. Belinda Thorne is one of those people.
      Living in a small Minnesota town, she makes her living selling potions, charms, and other small things through mail order and the Internet. She appreciates the irony involved in using 21st century technology to enhance an ancient practice.
      But she does far more than simply selling small magics. Her specialties are in nature magic and in finding things. She has a knack for knowing who needs help, and is driven to help all that she can. In doing so, she often finds herself dealing with the occasional witch or warlock who may be working a darker kind of magic. That`s when she and Oscar, her familiar—who is much more than the average cat do what needs to be done.