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                           Qi Lin, Shadow Thief

Trained as a master thief, and skilled in the arts of stealth, deception, and burglary, Qi Lin wages a patient, unceasing shadow war against the guild that killed her mentor. As secret and mysterious as the night itself, she also sells her unique services to anyone who can afford her high fee or, if the cause is noble, she may take an assignment simply because it suits her to do so.
       Her homeland, the island empire of Kaigon, shimmers in the ocean like a gleaming jewel. With its magnificent cities, comprehensive legal system, and a stable government, it appears to be the height of mankind’s achievement on the world of Kuhl.
       Of course, every jewel has its flaws. Kaigon’s society is class-based, with peasants often at the mercy of those in higher stations. Although the government is everywhere, it is only as effective as the people that run it. As in any major civilization, crime flourishes wherever possible.
       Qi Lin is intimately familiar with the dark side of life in Kaigon. As a child, she saw her entire family killed by bandits, leaving her on the streets. While trying to support herself and other orphans through petty theft, she was taken in and trained by the master thief, Murashi. Her mentor and surrogate father, he was murdered several years later by the local thieves guild over a perceived slight. Since then, she has been living a lie as a quiet widow overseeing her late husband`s businesses in the port city of Miret. But the truth is far more complex.
       Qi Lin is not simply a thief existing solely for revenge, however. She also hires herself out to those needing the wide range of her abilities, from consulting on security arrangements for wealthy merchants to investigating any unlawful event that catches her eye especially if it involves a particular thieves’ guild.
       In a city with as much darkness as light, only a very few can walk in both worlds. Qi Lin, a true shadow thief, is one of those. She dances a fine line between the two, caught between black and white, between vengeance and justice, and between her past and her future.