Here at Story Portals, we’re all about one thing: great short stories written by professional authors. Our mission is to bring you compelling work with strong characters and set in our own unique worlds and to give you a chance to talk about these stories with your friends, with other readers, and even with the authors themselves.

Story Portals itself is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the man to blame for this idea, its execution, and all the various worlds our writers play in, is Larry Segriff.

Larry is an award winning writer and editor who, for the past seventeen years or so, has been the Man Friday, overall Right Hand Man, and Vice President at Tekno Books. While there, Larry has overseen the development and production of approximately 2,000 books, has served as Tekno’s Director of Digital Publishing, and has edited dozens of novels himself (many of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list). His work as an editor has won a number of awards.

Larry has also published nine novels of his own (four solo novels, four co-authored with Steve Perry, and one co-authored with William Forstchen). One of these novels, Alien Dreams, won the Hal Clement Award for the Best Young Adult Science Fiction Novel of the year.

But the real heart of Story Portals is the many talented freelancers who do such a great job writing for us. Please click here to read more about our authors. And if you’re an author yourself who’s interested in writing for us, please use the link below to drop us a query.

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