Phaedra Weldon is the author of the Zoë Martinique Investigation series, the Grimoire Chronicles series, and the upcoming YA series, The Evanescent, as well as several books in shared universes such as Star Trek, Eureka (under Cris Ramsay), Battletech, and Shadowrun. She has had numerous short stories published in DAW anthologies, many of which are available individually.

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Phaedra is the eldest of four children. She began writing in notebooks with her best friend in middle school, rewriting their favorite television shows into what they believed were better endings. Or at least better plots.

Phaedra lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, daughter, dog, and cats. When not writing, she and her daughter spend their time playing Wii, PS3, DSi, Photoshopping, letterboxing, or watching anime.

SPI stories written by Phaedra Weldon:
Never to Heaven Go – Series: Katya, Lady Assassin 
Three Treasures – Series: Qi Lin, Shadow Thief 
A Sea Change – Series: Qi Lin, Shadow Thief 
Double Blind – Series: Qi Lin, Shadow Thief