Steve Perry was born and raised in the deep south and has lived in Louisiana, California, Washington, and Oregon. He is married to the former Dianne Waller, an executive with the Port of Portland. They have two grown children, five grandsons, and two Welsh Cardigan Corgis and a cat.

Before turning to full-time freelance writing, Perry held a variety of jobs, including: swimming instructor and lifeguard; toy assembler; hotel gift shop and car rental clerk; aluminum salesman; martial arts instructor; private detective; Licensed Practical Nurse and Certified Physician's Assistant.

Along with freelancing, Perry has taught classes in writing in the Portland and Washington County public school systems, as well as adult writing classes at the University of Washington in Seattle. He briefly worked as a staff writer for Ruby-Spears Productions, Hollywood, and has done freelance book editing for a company he would rather not mention by name. He used to be the science fiction, fantasy, and horror book reviewer for The Oregonian.

Perry has sold dozens of stories to magazines and anthologies, as well as a considerable number of novels, animated teleplays, non-fiction articles, reviews, and essays, along with a couple of unproduced movie scripts. He wrote for Batman: The Animated Series during its first Emmy-award winning season, and during the second season, one of his scripts was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Writing—which no doubt caused the subsequent loss of that award. His novelization of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire spent ten weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List. He also did the bestselling novelization for the summer blockbuster movie Men in Black, and all of his collaborative novels for Tom Clancy’s Net Force series have made the NY Times list. He is a recipient of the Willamette Writers Lifetime Achievement Award.

For the past several years he has concentrated on books, and is currently working on novels now numbered somewhere around sixty, which include a fantasy and a new Star Wars novel, both in collaboration with Michael Reaves.

Perry is a member of various organizations, including: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America; Mystery Writers of America; Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists, Local #839 (IATSE); Writers Guild of America, West; and the TriCounty Gun Club. He is a beginning student of the Indonesian martial art Penjak Silat, under Maha Guru Stevan Plinck, and was a player in what was once the largest guitar band ever assembled, according the Guinness Book of World Records. His blog is

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