Katya, Lady Assassin


The Taste of Waterfruit by Steven Mohan, Jr.
Katya is called on to kill a dying woman, the leader of a local band of pirates, but the job quickly turns more complicated than she had expected…

Never to Heaven Go by Phaedra Weldon
When healthy people start dying in unhealthy and unexplained ways, Katya gets the call to set things right…

Double-Booked by Aaron Rosenberg
Politics is a murderous game, and Katya faces deadly competition in this assignment.

Lady`s Choice by Irene Radford
Escorting a caravan through the desert, Katya comes face to face with reminders of her past…

A Glamour of Pearls by M P Ericson
Katya is called in to settle a trade dispute using her own unique set of skills…

A Child`s Eyes by Marsheila Rockwell
When the daughter of a former client is murdered, Katya sets off to track down the killer.

Flight of the Black Coach by Robert T. Jeschonek
Katya must escort the bastard child of an Uldreth prince through a desert filled with highly trained mercenaries.

Temple of Broken Dreams by Will McDermott
A mage seeks Katya`s services to save him from a demon, but the hand of Fate is hard to avoid…

Demon Dance by William H. Keith
Katya must pose as a dancer in order to get close to the head of a foreign country…

Just Desserts by Steve Perry
Revenge is a dish best served...

Castle of Whispers by Richard Lee Byers
The hunter becomes the hunted when Katya is hired to take out the leaders of a criminal dynasty.

The Nightmare Beast by Laurie Tom
A merchant has cheated a woman Katya once knew, and Katya agrees to exact her own brand of revenge.  But there’s something her friend hasn’t told her…

Love Me Knot by Brandie Tarvin 
A case of mistaken identity leads Katya into a Gordian knot of love and intrigue...

The Price of a Dagger by Eric James Stone  
When Katya is offered a chance to take out a death mage she’s happy to accept the job, until she starts to wonder if the job is quite as simple as it seemed.

The Cut of the Cloth by Tim Waggoner  
The nephew of a friend has gotten in over his head, and it's up to Katya to find a way to get him out.

The Hawk in the Sky, the Mice in the Fields by Steven Mohan, Jr.  
Katya encounters a former colleague, now marked for death.

The Beetle in the Bedroll, Please Login or Register to Read by Steven Mohan, Jr.
Katya races against another assassin.




A Child's Eyes and Other Stories

(Katya Story Collection)

A Child's Eyes and Other Stories
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The Taste of Waterfruit and Other Stories

(Katya Story Collection)

The Taste of Waterfruit
Amazon Kindle Edition
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World's Apart

(Omnibus Collection)

Worlds Apart
Amazon Kindle Edition
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